Blue Cave Tour From Split

Blue Cave Tour From Split
Blue Cave Tour From Split
Blue Cave Tour From Split
Blue Cave Tour From Split
Blue Cave Tour From Split
Blue Cave Tour From Split
Blue Cave Tour From Split
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12 hours
Minimum Age
6 years
Group size
12 people
English, Croatian
Printed & Mobile accepted
Easy Cancellation
Min. 24 hours in advance
Don't waste precious time in Split spending the day inside of a local bar or in your hotel room. The region that surrounds this magnificent ancient city offers a wealth of things to see and do, some that are absolutely not to be missed.

Doesn't a day surrounded by the glistening aquamarine sea, exploring some of Croatia's most stunning islands and incredible natural wonders sound a lot more fun? We certainly think so!

Blue cave tour from Split offers all that and then some, including, of course, a visit to experience the magical natural phenomenon of the famous Blue Cave on Bisevo Island.

Be sure to book your tickets now to avoid disappointment as it's pretty much guaranteed to be the highlight of your time in Croatia.


Split is within easy reach of some of the most beautiful islands in all of Croatia and this tour will bring you to explore five them in just a single day: Bisevo, Vis, Budikovac, Paklinski and Hvar.

Some of the most captivating places simply can't be reached by ferry, so if you don't have your own boat, we can take you to them to explore while discovering their history and unique features from a local guide with insider knowledge.

Experience the remarkable phenomenon of the Blue Cave, swim in the enticing waters of the Blue Lagoon with its shades of dazzling turquoise and sapphire constantly changing due to the movement of the sun above, explore charming villages and Hvar's old town which dates back thousands of years, once providing shelter to ancient Greeks and Romans.

Swim and snorkel through some of the most crystal-clear seas, relax and play on some of Dalmatia's most idyllic beaches and feast on mouth-watering local food and wine.

Throughout the day you'll experience countless breathtaking views while on and in the water, as well as on land from places like Hvar's 16th-century fortress which overlooks the maze of medieval streets in the historic centre, the Adriatic and nearby island gems.

By the time it's all said and done, you'll understand why The Blue Cave & 5 islands tour from Split is one of the most popular day tours in all of Croatia.

Our highly-rated Blue Cave tour from Split offer a comfortable ride bringing small groups for a more authentic experience in brand new speedboats. Each boat is fully equipped with all the necessary safety equipment for every individual passenger.

As your satisfaction is our top priority, all of our vessels are cleaned thoroughly every morning. While it may seem that everyone in Split to who has a boat runs a tour, it's critical to not only review itineraries, but the adherence to important safety practices and passenger comfort - which is why our excursions are so highly desirable.

Includes and Excludes

  • All fees and charges
  • Bottled water
  • Entrance ticket for Blue Cave
  • Use of snorkel equipment
  • Wind jacket
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off


  • 1

    Meetup & Departure

    07:15h - 07:30h
    We'll meet up early in the morning which will allow us to avoid the big crowds for a more enjoyable experience as we discover the striking natural beauty of the Croatian islands and all they have to offer.

    Before we depart, you'll be welcomed by your travel guides who will provide a brief overview and other important information to help you understand more about what to expect on the tour. To ensure your safety, you will also be given instructions on how to get on and off the boat property, and how to use the safety equipment on board.
  • 2

    Blue Cave (Bisevo island)

    09:00h - 10:00h
    After our departure, an approximately one hour and 15-minute ride will bring us to our first destination on the southeastern side of Bisevo Island to enjoy the main highlight of the trip, the world-famous Blue Cave.

    Once we anchor our hostess will purchase your tickets at the sales office that are needed to enter the cave. As the cost is included in your tour, you won't have to worry about getting out your wallet. We aren't allowed to enter the cave with our speedboat, so you'll be taken by the on-site staff to witness the surreal beauty that occurs creating Mother Nature's magical show.

    The rays of the sun enter a crack in the interior, reflecting on the white limestone sea bottom which illuminates the cave in an aquamarine glow. While flashlights/flash photography isn't allowed, get your camera or smartphones ready to capture breathtaking photos by switching off the flash mode before we enter.
    Biševo Island is 71 kilometers/44 nautical miles from Split. Made up of limestone, it has many caves which were carved over time by the sea, although the Blue Cave is the most famous. It was once a place known only by the local fishermen as it could only be accessed by the natural underwater entrance. It isn't known who first dived down and discovered it, but it was thanks to an Austrian, artist, explorer and speleologist Baron Eugene von Ransonet-Villez, that the cave was first described and presented to the general public in 1884. Based on his suggestion, an artificial entrance 1.5 meters high and 2.5 meters wide to the cave was created, large enough to fit small boats, but small enough that it doesn't affect the lighting inside. The cave is 24 meters long, 10 to 12 meters deep and 15 meters high. It receives more than 10,000 visitors every year, known as one of the best destinations to experience jaw-dropping natural beauty in the entire Adriatic Sea.
  • 3

    Stiniva beach (Vis island)

    10:15h - 10:30h
    Stiniva Bay, located on the south side of Vis Island which remained closed to the public for 40 years while used as a Yugoslav naval base, is home to a quintessential Croatian beach, voted Europe's very best in 2016.

    It's hidden behind towering cliffs and as soon as you lay your eyes on it you'll understand why it's ranked so highly. The pebbly stretch sits in a secluded cove enclosed by those massive limestone cliffs providing the perfect stop to immerse yourself among some of the country's most enchanting beauty.
    Stiniva bay is 600 meters long and 100 meters wide, while the beach is just 35 meters long with a narrow, 5 meter wide seaside entrance giving it a fantasy-like feel. It can only be accessed by small boats or via a 20-minute hike, which keeps the crowds away. While getting to Stiniva may not be easy, the reward of discovering this hidden treasure is well worth the effort - the white pebble beach, crystal-clear blue sea, old fishermen's houses, rich flora and fauna has resulted in it being named one of 82 Croatia Natural Reserves. While it attracts nature lovers of all sorts, with the clarity of the sea and remarkably rich underwater world, it's especially appealing among divers. However, due to the many small boats that enter the bay each day, particularly over the past 10 years with it becoming increasingly busy, resulting in hundreds of vessels arriving on a daily basis, diving can also be dangerous. This is why we'll make just a short visit here, with 15 minutes of sightseeing, allowing us to savor the even better destinations that await for swimming.
  • 4

    Blue Lagoon (Budikovac island)

    10:45h - 11:45h
    The blue waters have surely been enticing you to take a leap in, and at this point we've visited many astounding places of beauty created by the sea. Now it's finally time to experience it!

    Swimming and snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon on Budikovac Island, which is actually a brilliant shade of turquoise, is something you'll especially appreciate during the hot days of summer.

    We'll provide you with your snorkelling equipment, so all you need to do is take a minute to put it on, breathe deep and begin exploring. When you're ready for a break, you can relax at the beach bar with a cold drink while gazing out at the picturesque scenery.
    Budikovac Island lies on the southeast side of Vis Island, with the lagoon formed by it along with two other small islands. As there are no roads, cars or ferries to get visitors here, it's managed to remain wonderful isolated providing a tranquil experience. In fact, there is only on person who lives on the island, taking care of his farm, animals, and running a small restaurant where you can enjoy dining on dishes made with organic homegrown ingredients, or just stop in for a refreshment. With the pebble beaches, turquoise water and the peaceful environment of the island, this is an ideal way to experience Dalmatia at her finest.
  • 5

    Paklenski islands

    12:15h - 14:15h
    On to our fourth island, or group of islands actually, we continue our boat journey to the Paklinski Islands. We'll stop here for about two hours, providing plenty of time for you to explore the gem-like islands near Hvar with their deserted lagoons and secluded beaches along with shady trees to rest underneath when you need a break from the sun.

    A beach bar and restaurant here makes this a great time to enjoy a bite to eat if you've worked up an appetite after all the fun, and there's still plenty more to come.
    The Paklinski Islands (also known as Pakleni) is an archipelago made up of about 20 islands that are 10 kilometers long, situated off the southwest coast of Hvar Island, opposite of the Hvar city harbor. The name comes from the word "paklina," which is the pine resin that was once used to coat ships. This area is considered the most beautiful part of the Hvar Riviera, if not the whole of Croatia. The chain of wooded isles surrounded by sparkling azure waters, numerous hidden beaches and deserted lagoons, which make it a must-visit, and an ideal stop for our itinerary.
  • 6

    Hvar island

    14:30h - 16:30h
    Finally, we reach our fifth and final island, the sunniest in the Adriatic, Hvar. As one of the most beloved tourist destinations in all of Croatia, no Blue Cave tour would be the same without a visit here.

    Known for attracting visitors from across the globe, including plenty of celebrities and other VIPs, its harbour is filled with mega-yachts while Hvar town hosts a wealth of outstanding restaurants, beach bars and clubs, along with gorgeous beaches and remarkable historic sites.

    It has a long history as a hub for trade and culture in the Adriatic from the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans to the French empire under Napoleon. As part of the Venetian Empire, Hvar was an important naval base with a strong defensie fortress known as ‘Spanjola.' You'll be able to visit an imposing fortress that overlooks the town, bringing awe-inspiring views and the opportunity for spectacular photos.
    Look forward to exploring other architectural and historical sites too, including the 'Arsenal,' the oldest public theatre in Europe, St. Stephen's Cathedral on the main square, and the 15th-century Franciscan monastery. If you aren't crazy about history, you'll find plenty of other things to do, including taking advantage of the many fine restaurants and lively beach clubs. As such a popular yachting destination, there's always something going on here. With so many options for things to see and do, we recommend prioritizing the experiences you'd like to enjoy to make the most of your time.
  • 7

    Return to Split

    We'll meet in front of the boat after enjoying Hvar to make our return to the place where everything started - Split. It takes about an hour to get back to Split from Hvar. After sharing group photos and tagging each other on social media, it's time to say goodbye to your guides and fellow passengers.

    With new friends made, you might even want to plan another excursion together with us before departing. Either way, we hope to see you again soon on some of our other day tours!

Good to know


What to bring

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Beach towel
  • Small amount of money in local currency (HRK)

Know before you go

Should we expect to see dolphins?

While dolphins are known for their curiosity and intelligence, they also have another lesser-known characteristic that's common to all of them: they choose to inhabit the cleanest waters, which is why you can expect to see them in the clear blue waters on our tour!

We're often accompanied by groups of dolphins on our trips, so you'll want to stay alert and keep an eye out on your surroundings. Our skipper will be more than happy to notify you when we spot some dolphins, and we'll even make a short stop so that you can take amazing photos and enjoy the moment too.

Is swimming in the Blue cave allowed?

As of 2014 swimming in the Blue cave is no longer allowed. If you've seen photos of people swimming here, most likely they were taken several years earlier when it was permitted. We'll spend approximately 15 minutes gliding through the cave in a small wooden boat.

We ask you to please be quiet and carefully listen to your guide who will tell you everything you need to know about the Blue Cave and its history to ensure a serene experience for all.

Is speedboat ride comfortable?

If the weather creates rough sea conditions, the speedboat ride will be a little bumpy. For this reason, the tour is not recommended for persons with back/neck problems or for pregnant women.

What if the Blue Cave is closed?

The Blue Cave can be closed occasionally due to weather conditions, however, if this occurs, we will notify you at least one day before the tour departure so that you can make alternate plans. When the cave is closed you'll have two options to choose from: a full refund of your money or you can reschedule your trip for another date.

What happens in case of bad weather?

Since Mother Nature can be unpredictable and our crew is dedicated to always doing their best to make the most of each and every trip, we will be constantly monitoring the weather conditions and behaviour of the sea so that if there are signs that indicate poor conditions, we can slightly alter the tour and bring you to other exciting places in the Adriatic.

We can bring you to see sunken old ships, the remains of an American bomber plane from World War II thanks to Vis Island being a former military base, filming locations on Vis where the popular movie 'Mamma Mia' was shot, and the Monk seal cave that was once home to endangered Mediterranean monk seals.

These creatures are among the most endangered mammals in the world and we're happy to tell you that the seals have managed to make an impressive comeback to these waters. Overall, there are so many captivating places to see and exciting things to do, it makes it much easier to achieve our goal of providing each and every guest with the best possible experience.

What should we bring?

We suggest bringing a sunglasses, a hat that can be secured so that it won't fly away, sunscreen, a towel, a bathing suit and a camera. You may want an extra change of clothes just in case and some snacks if you get hungry, however, we will be stopping at places with beach bars and/or restaurants for dining.

Meeting points

  • Split


    View on map

    In front of the Church and Monastery of St. Francis

    7:15 am to 7:30 am

Cancellation policy

Tickets can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance of your tour date and time to receive a full refund of your money. For example, if you book a tour on July 7, 2021 departing at 7:30 a.m., you will have until 7:30 a.m. on July 6, 2021 to cancel.

All clients have the right to cancel their tour with a minimum of 24 hours notice before the tour begins, and the right to a 100% refund of the amount that was paid, although we appreciate further notice whenever possible. We monitor the weather conditions 24/7, however, Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times, occasionally causing unexpected situations that may result in cancellations within 24 hours of the start of the tour.

That may include extreme weather or other extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided or foreseen, or incidents that occur suddenly. If such situations result in the cancellation of a scheduled tour, our valued clients have several options: Clients may accept a new departure date, replacement package/excursion of equivalent or similar itinerary, or receive a full refund of all money paid. Before all else, your experience and safety are our primary concerns.



Blue Cave Tour From Split was rated 4.5 out of 5. Based on 371 reviews

  • "Extra destination instead of waiting in the line"

    Our host Ivana hopped off the boat to wait for our tickets and skipper decided to take us to the Monk seal cave so we can swim there and have fun instead of waiting in the line. After an hour or so we boarded on the boat and came back just right in time for our turn. What can I say, you must see the Blue cave, it's that good. Nice job guys, you took good care of us!

    anonymous review person image Maria L., Spain
  • "Mamma Mia movie locations"

    My husband and I took ZenTravel tour to see the Blue cave, so amazing by the way, but we didn't know that skipper will take us to the locations on the island of Vis where Mamma Mia was filmed! I got goosebumps when I first saw somehow familiar location and when skipper told us that those were spots where it was filmed I almost screamed out of the excitement. Thank you so much ZenTravel on this awesome surprise!

    anonymous review person image Ronald Y., United States
  • "Two Koreans travelling through Europe"

    Here’s what I have to say about my experience with Zen travel. We booked a tour online and we got all the details well before the departure day. The details were accurate in a minute so all kudos for that. We received all the details about meeting location on our e-mail address (including address, Google Maps link, additional information for Taxi if needed...), and it was loud and clear from the start which is something lots of tour agencies don’t do right. A couple more positives - the boats are obviously brand new, and our ride was very smooth. Our guides, Petra and Dino were highly professional and they are one of the reasons why this is a 5-star review.

    anonymous review person image Cho U., South Korea
  • "5 Islands tour from Split in May was a great decision"

    Croatia was practically my home for the better part of May. Coming from Liverpool, the weather in Split was a proper delight! Zen travel 5 Islands and Blue Cave Split was on my bucket list before even flying there. I must say, visiting it in May was a great decision. The boat was not crowded at all, in fact, there was just 8 of us passengers along with the cabin crew. Captain Ivan and Petra, I called them… They were simply amazing.

    anonymous review person image Barry M. United Kingdom
  • "Friendly captain and hostess on our day trip"

    One thing is certain, this was an amazing experience for both us and our children. None of us expected to see such majestic scenery in Hvar. As a matter of fact, It was by far the best destination on the Blue Cave trip. As for the actual experience, everything was top class. The staff was very friendly and polite, and the skipper knew what he was doing. Well worth the money.

    anonymous review person image Agatha, Germany
  • "Second time on the Blue Cave trip"

    Given the fact I’ve already gone on a tour 2 times, I reckon I am a well-capable individual to tell you more about it. Well, for starters, the speedboats are brand new. They’re not too comfortable but nothing to worry about. What struck me with the most surprising is the fact the staff is really pleasant. They went above and beyond to give us tips on all destinations as well as answer all of our questions (for an example, they recommended us a restaurant on Hvar island which isn't very expensive). I rarely see that nowadays… So, great job, keep it up and see you next year!

    anonymous review person image Tycho, United Kingdom
  • "Petra and Dino made our day"

    Did the 5 island tour from Split to Hvar & back today! Petra and Dino (skipper and host) were incredibly hospitable, respectful, efficient, pleasant and knowledgeable. They made the entire tour truly fun in addition to me being at beautiful locations all day long! Swimming stops were perfect (skipper gave us a bonus stop by the end of the day), little towns were fun, food was great and the main attraction, the cave was breathtaking. Thank you, Zen Travel, for an amazing experience! See you next time!

    anonymous review person image Anonymous User
  • "Crew show us their secret swimming beach"

    Our entire group had such a great time on our blue cave tour and we couldn't be happier with the whole adventure. It is a very big day in the sun so bring lots of sunscreen and water, also be prepared to swim because they will take you to some fantastic Dalmatian swimming spots where the water is crystal clear. Dino and Petra, we appreciate you both taking the extra time to show us a beautiful 'private' swimming location. It was a great reward for being a great group!

    anonymous review person image Mia, Croatia
  • "Perfect island hopping tour"

    The tour was a fantastic little excursion with a day fully packed with activities and an opportunity to visit some of Adriatic's most beautiful islands. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone who is interested in seeing multiple islands in one day and breathtaking views the entire tour. The bonus was an amazing Zen Travel cabin crew that catered to all of our needs.

    anonymous review person image Luis, Spain
  • "Lagoon on Budikovac island was something else!"

    For the price, this tour is definitely worth the money! You get to fill out your entire day with new places, new people and new experiences. The tour goes from early morning, around 7 am, almost till the sunset. Blue lagoon on Budikovac Island was something else! I’ve never seen such a crystal clear sea and trust me; I’ve had my fair share of traveling all around the world. Amazing day for all of us and I'm sure you'll feel the same if you decide to go on Zen Travel tour as well.

    anonymous review person image Anonymous
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